Vinspi’s Week 3 Milestone Presentation at Angelcube


Definitely want to feel this way by the end of the week


Week 2 of Angelcube is done and dusted here at Vinspi HQ and it has been intense. I’m really enjoying the whole vibe of working in a startup incubator, surrounded by other driven entrepreneurs determined to build something great.

It’s given me a lot of food for thought in regards to building company culture once a business starts hiring employees. A business is only as great as the people in it so getting the right people on the bus is crucial. The people I’ve met at Inspire9 (the co-working space where the Angelcube incubator runs) have been extremely bright and switched on. Inspiring! Building something similar in a business is a worthy goal.

So here is a quick slideshow highlighting what has been achieved in week 2 and what will be done in the upcoming 3rd week. I’m looking forward to executing the plans and kicking more goals.


p.s Thinking of doing a blog post on the power of startup momentum and also how to build that in your own business. Thoughts?


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