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So last week I admit, I was a little slack and didn’t get Vinspi’s Angelcube Week 4 milestone presentation out. But this week is the dawn of a new era of diligence :)

Here is the presentation from this morning highlighting the week that has just gone by and also the hustle that’s required to get stuff done through this week.

Angelcube so far has been hectic but good. Highlights from last week include

- 2 customer sales over the weekend from web traffic

- Vinspi’s first wedding consultation with a groom and his party of 3 groomsmen. All measured out & looking to purchase 4 suits, 4 vests and 6 shirts. Not bad for 1 hours work ;)


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I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, people, education, communications and living purposefully. I've done a few things like founding Vinspi, a startup for Tailored Suits Online and I was ex marketing manager at OZHut. I now head up marketing at I'm usually, spending time with friends, reading or eating peanut butter. God, family, friends and making this life count are my priorities.