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So the last few weeks have been very stealthy. Things at Vinspi have seemed quiet with not too much going on, no new blog posts, facebook posts or newsletters… admittedly I have to say that I’ve been busy…

I probably only realised how quiet it was when my friends started asking

“Hey Ivan whats been happening with you? You seem busy but I can’t see any blog posts from Vinspi etc etc…. you been slacking off?”

Well I’m happy to say I haven’t been sitting on my bum. I’ve spent the last few weeks applying for Vinspi to be accepted into the Angelcube 2012 stratup accelerator program & (as of last week) I’m happy to announce that we got in!!

I’ll blog more at a later date on the process of applying to a startup accelerator and getting in, but for now here is a simple slideshow on what I did in week 1 and progressing through to action for week 2.

About Ivan Lim

I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, people, education, communications and living purposefully. I've done a few things like founding Vinspi, a startup for Tailored Suits Online and I was ex marketing manager at OZHut. I now head up marketing at I'm usually, spending time with friends, reading or eating peanut butter. God, family, friends and making this life count are my priorities.