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Halfway up the Angelcube mountain


So halfway point is officially here at AngelCube as we welcome Week 6. Last week was incredibly busy and I’m probably mentally at  what Seth Godin calls the “dip” (see the mountain climbing picture above).

I’m probably really fatigued after submitting an awards application at 2am last night… :) but despite this, Vinspi continues to push on and the week ahead is looking jam packed.

Lots of exciting things ahead! Demo Day (July 10th) is starting to come up on the horizon. Hold onto your seats…

Highlights from last week

- Positive Word of Mouth & Reviews via Twitter

- Expression of interest from Innovation Bay Video




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I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, people, education, communications and living purposefully. I've done a few things like founding Vinspi, a startup for Tailored Suits Online and I was ex marketing manager at OZHut. I now head up marketing at I'm usually, spending time with friends, reading or eating peanut butter. God, family, friends and making this life count are my priorities.