Understanding Customer Personas – Get into your Customer’s Head


Yesterday marked day 3 in the Angelcube program for Vinspi and to describe the experience so far as “hectic” is a severe understatement. Quite honestly, 3 days has felt like 1 week.

Hey but wait, no whinging here… each time my mind starts wondering whether life could be easier, I quickly remember what a crazy privilege it is to be part of a startup accelerator.

Let’s be real, the big benefit from an accelerator is not the funding. The big upside is the mentors, networks and, in the case of last night, the awesome teaching.

Nice one Nathan!

Shout out to Nathan Sampimon (@nathan_scott) who ran the workshop on Customer Personas last night. It was so useful that I’m blogging about it now, more for my own records than wanting to share it…. just kidding, I like sharing.

I’m convinced every entrepreneur should grab a hold of this, sit down and churn it out. Actionable insights… Lets GO!


What’s it about? 

In a nutshell, yesterday’s session was focused on 2 things

  • Creating a detailed list of characteristics of your target customer
  • Brainstorming potential product features catering to these characteristics to get greater customer traction.


How do I do it right now?

So how can you try doing this right now? Here’e the framework:

  • Get a big piece of butcher paper, or whiteboard and divide into 4 squares
  • The 4 compartments are Name, Who Am I, Attributes and What it Means (explanation below, forgive the quick and ugly illustration)

I used a company called Man Packs as an example and made some assumptions on what their target customer might be:



Go do it!

Some small notes before you start building a whole host of new features.

  • All the characteristics you’ve listed about your customer are assumptions, so you have to test them for accuracy.
  • When your assumptions are proven true, then you can start building and testing features. \
  • Have a primary persona (main target customer) and maybe 2 other secondary personas. Make your personas as diverse as possible so you can explore different customer segments (avoid overlap)


p.s Nathan, if I’ve missed something out or you’ve got something to add, please do :)


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