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Ask any person “What do you want in life” and most people wont have trouble coughing up a generic answer. Everyone has something they want. People want a beautiful partner, a happy family, a successful career, respect of their peers, money, power, fame, joy, peace and a dozen other things that vary depending on personality. [...]

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Pick your Battles – Why I’m leaving a Profitable Business

  So it’s official, I’m putting Vinspi on the backburner and turning my attention to chasing bigger dreams. “What?!?!……Why?!?!?!…. you were going well, making some money. Why quit now?” …. you say… or at least that’s what most of my friends said. For those who’ve followed my journey, you would know that since August last [...]

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Learning to Deal with Failure as a Chinese Entrepreneur

    During an interview this week for a startup blog I was asked the question “What is the the number 1 piece of advice you’ve received from the startup world”. I’d never been asked this before, and I have to admit that I was a little stumped at first. I wasn’t speechless because I [...]

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Vinspi Week 6 Milestone Presentation

  So halfway point is officially here at AngelCube as we welcome Week 6. Last week was incredibly busy and I’m probably mentally at ¬†what Seth Godin calls the “dip” (see the mountain climbing picture above). I’m probably really fatigued after submitting an awards application at 2am last night… but despite this, Vinspi continues to [...]

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Vinspi’s Week 5 Milestones Presentation

    So last week I admit, I was a little slack and didn’t get Vinspi’s Angelcube Week 4 milestone presentation out. But this week is the dawn of a new era of diligence Here is the presentation from this morning highlighting the week that has just gone by and also the hustle that’s required [...]

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Definitely want to feel this way by the end of the week

Vinspi’s Week 3 Milestone Presentation at Angelcube

    Week 2 of Angelcube is done and dusted here at Vinspi HQ and it has been intense. I’m really enjoying the whole vibe of working in a startup incubator, surrounded by other driven entrepreneurs determined to build something great. It’s given me a lot of food for thought in regards to building company [...]

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Understanding Customer Personas – Get into your Customer’s Head

  Yesterday marked day 3 in the Angelcube program for Vinspi and to describe the experience so far as “hectic” is a severe understatement. Quite honestly, 3 days has felt like 1 week. Hey but wait, no whinging here… each time my mind starts wondering whether life could be easier, I quickly remember what a [...]

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Vinspi’s Week 1 Milestone Presentation at Angelcube

So the last few weeks have been very stealthy. Things at Vinspi have seemed quiet with not too much going on, no new blog posts, facebook posts or newsletters… admittedly I have to say that I’ve been busy… I probably only realised how quiet it was when my friends started asking “Hey Ivan whats been [...]

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3 Startup Lessons you Learn While Watching the Australian Open

3 Startup Lessons you Learn While Watching the Australian Open

  Another year and another Australian Open. 2012′s chapter of the epic tennis major came to a close last night leaving me wondering what use my television will be for the next 12 months. All is not lost. In the midst of the countless hours watching a green ball being pummeled mercilessly across a net, [...]

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Personal Branding

How Personal Branding can Kickstart your Career

  This is a cross post originally published on Meld Magazine Having travelled the path of media communications student through to Digital Marketer I feel compelled to write a post on the biggest challenge facing marketing graduates, “How to get a job in the industry”. Here are my 2 cents on how leveraging the power [...]

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